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Understanding the value of tattoo art as a vehicle to represent cross-cultural attitudes, Yellowman founder Peter Mui pursued the concept of creating wearable tattoo art. For over a decade he has traveled the world, personally knocking on doors of the world's greatest and hard-to-reach tattoo masters to build up an impressive art collection representing the finest in every tattoo style, spanning Japanese Irezumi, Maori Tribal, American Traditional, New School, Biomechanical, and even rare work from a remote Buddhist monk in Thailand.

These mastepieces are not only significant in their own right, but they also carry with them volumes of symbolic elements that are rich with cultural history.Taking advantage of the advances of digital technology, YellowMan has carefully engineered technical fabrics (MadKool) to receive the art with vivid clarity, while also providing powerful wicking benefits found in top athletic-wear brands. Carefully printing and constructing YellowMan garments so that the art falls on the body where the artist intended is a labor of love. Simply put, YellowMan garments are groundbreaking wearable works of art. The range of imagery spans the globe, and the wearability does also.

Whether one is hitting the slopes in Aspen, carving the waves in Kauai, slamming city pavement, layering beneath a formal suit jacket, or simply kicking back at home, YellowMan clothing offers versatility, comfort, and stunning wearable art that is rivaled by none. Above all, YellowMan projects Peter Mui's vision of individuality and pride, where cultural, ethnic, and social barriers do not exist.

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