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Social Media Director


Posted by LAK Enterprises on 09/01/2018

Job Basics

Industry Sector: SnowSports, WaterSports

Job Categories: Social Media

State: AL, AK, AB

City: TAhoe City

Country: United States

Required Experience: 10+ years

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $56-60,000/year

Required to Relocate:

Required to Travel:

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within: 25 miles

Job Description & Requirements


To:       Julie Kahlfeldt, America Outdoors

From:  Laurel King,

Re:       Job Board Proposal

This document outlines a proposal between (OIJ) and America Outdoors (AO). Its purpose is for OIJ to partner with and power the job board on the AO website.

Because OIJ is currently rebuilding their website, the agreement will initially be that AO members will receive a 25% discount for job postings using a discount code on the payment page. This agreement will remain in place prior to the launching of the new OIJ site and after the AO job board is built.

OIJ will:

  • Provide job board support via phone and email
  • Post each job in OIJ social media accounts (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Provide and pay for the programming to generate the jobs on the OIJ
  • Provide and pay for the programming to generate usage reports
  • Pay for all credit card fees (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
  • Send out press releases regarding our new partnership
  • Give a 25% discount to members of AO as they pay for the job posting. Job postings currently cost $199/month
  • Will provide free job postings for AO

Compensation to OIJ


  • Jobs posted from the OIJ site will be tracked and recorded by programming provided by OIJ.
  • AO will receive 40% and NIJ 60% monies received by NIJ
  • AO will absorb the cost of the membership discount
  • AO will generate an excel file report and pay AO quarterly. This will include date, company name, what was purchased and the payment made.

OIJ Marketing & Branding


  • OIJ will add logo to Home Page, “About Us” page and weekly email newsletter (50,000 subscribers)
  • OIJ can add logo or a marketing page message to the Employer Sign In Page
  • OIJ will send out a newslrelease announcing our partnership
  • Once jobseeker clicks on a job, the jobseeker will be taken to the OIJ site. The header of that page is co-branded with OIJ and AO logos.

AO Marketing & Branding


  • Display the jobs on the home page of AO website.

  • Send out press releases regarding our new partnership.

  • Send out email message to members announcing the partnership and job posting discount

  • Promote the job board in email newsletters

  • Promote job board at industry trade shows

  • Provide an annual membership to AO



Benefits of the Partnership


  • Generate increased traffic between the sites and better rankings in Google for AO
  • Help jobseekers and employers connect which benefits the industry
  • Provides a membership benefit for AO members
  • Increases the number of jobs posted which financially benefits both AO and OIJ

Right to Terminate

Either party has the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

_________________________________              ________________________________

Date ________________                                                Date ____________________

Laurel King                                                                    Julie Kahlfeldt                                               America Outdoors


About LAK Enterprises (OIJ), the endeavor will allow SNEWS subscribers and readers to access a more robust job board than before, but still reach it through the SNEWS site as in the past. As a result, jobs posted through SNEWS will now reach many thousands of additional clients and several more industries already served by the OIJ network of websites and readers.